~~ Business Management Software ~~
for Spa Consultants!

Become a Professional Spa Consultant
  • Increase Sales - while saving time and effort
  • Minimize the Chaos - Stop guessing about your inventory
  • Save Time - Never hand-write a receipt again
  • Help Others - Make your clients more than customers -
    • Build relationships with them!
    New! NutShell Easy Connections Edition
    Serving clients and consultants is what make your business grow. NutShell is your right hand assistant to help you stay connected with all the people in your biz.
    • Show them the value of shopping with you by automatically highlighting their monthly brochure savings on their receipts
    • Easily increase spa attendance and sales when NutShell guides your followup calls
    • Remember all the details of each clients needs with the click of your mouse
    • And the best part - it is easy to use!
    NutShell just keeps getting better and better!
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    What's this all about?
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